ERKA Pfahl supports entrepreneurs in developing countries

Since May 2016 ERKA Pfahl GmbH has been part of Oxfam Germany’s network Unternehmer für Unternehmer (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs). This initiative was founded by Oxfam in order to support women and men in developing countries who want to establish their own small or medium-sized businesses.

One third of the world’s population live in poverty. Oxfam, as one of the most influential international organizations, is looking for innovative and practical ways to provide help: together with local partners and people. Ineuqitable conditions as well as missing help for start-ups often are obstacles for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Henk de Jong, CEO of ERKA Pfahl: „It is a major concern of us to make a contribution for a better world. Oxfam’s network is a wonderful opportunity for us to become active as business. We want to support people to establish their own little businesses and become active themselves. Helping people to help themselves means an essential step away from poverty and empowers them to lead independent and dignified lives. The income from their own business will help those self-made businesspeople to support their families – provide food, education and health. And they can invest profits to further improve their enterprise and create further jobs.

Thus, more and more people have the opportunity and hope for a better future.

The women and men, that we aim to advance often have no access to financial capital, professional education or support to improve their skills. Often, they have no means to respond to a crisis, to influence local politics or to assert their lawful rights. Together with Oxfam we want to change this.”

News about our social commitment

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